“Middle-Earth, Where the Story of the One Ring and Bilbo Baggins’s journey happened,
is just a part of a greater universe that The One God has created and is called “Arda”.
No one knows fully of all things that has ever happened in this wonderful universe,
Or all things that will ever happen in the near or far future;
But we, the lovers of Tolkien’s universe plan to rebuild a little part of this
World’s forgotten past, Which we still remember.”

Founded: around Jun 2005

Sepide Donne -aka Lady Arwen-
Sepide Fakhri -aka Ringator-
Behrouz Afghahi -aka Mandoras-

Current Webmaster & Admin:
Ali Norouzi -aka Elessar- (Since 2008)


The Website of Arda, is the first and biggest Tolkien society in Iran for Persian speakers. this website was built around 2004, and since then has been continuously an active community for the fans, and supported The Fantasy genre fosucing on Tolkien’s legendarium.
The people here always tried to make this place the perfect community for Tolkienien related needs, by translating Tolkien’s books and articles including his rare works, making a full Encyclopedia in Persian, researching for their own articles, and covering all related news, and doing many other activities related to the Movies based on Tolkien’s works.
We also have The Mahanaxar Forums for any Tolkienien disscussion, and it has over 10,000 members so far.

 Main Sections:
The Mahanaxar Halls of Council (Arda.ir Forum)
The Encyclopedia of Arda (Persian)
Interactive Atlas of Middle Earth
Horn of Gondor Podcast 
ArdaQuenta Magazine